Truss Rafter Roofs & Loft Conversions

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Ben Wilson | 14/06/18

A common misconception is that truss rafter roofs are not suitable for loft conversions; however, with the help of an experienced loft conversion company, truss rafters are no obstacle. There are certain ways and means around them which will leave you with a very usable, habitable space.

So what is a trussed roof?

Truss roofs have ‘W’ shaped rafters which support the load of both the roof and the loft’s floor structure. Most modern houses built between the mid 1960s and the turn of the century will feature a truss rafter roof.  Most likely installed originally as they were low cost (due to limited materials utilised), they tend to have a shallow roof pitch which allows for basic storage.

Why is it considered harder to convert?

The main reason a trussed roof is harder to convert is because each of the structural timbers are essentially in place to hold up the roof.  In addition, the design means the trusses occupy majority of the space within the loft, therefore the whole structure will need strengthening if you decide to convert your loft.  In addition to the way your loft is constructed, occasionally, the height of the roof may be too low when constructed with truss rafters, which means that it may need to be raised in order to accommodate a loft conversion.  This would only be possible for detached properties and would require planning permission.

How will a loft conversion be possible?

Converting a trussed roof is now commonplace.  The ‘W’ shaped trusses are replaced with ‘A’ shaped trusses or horizontal beams.  Added rafters and floor beams strengthen the current loft structure, creating an open/larger living area.

Having a home with a trussed roof design should in no way stop you from planning and building a successful loft conversion.  Utilising a loft conversion specialist with knowledge and experience is imperative to ensure that the structural modifications are carried out correctly and safely.


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