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Ben Wilson | 30/04/18

You’re set on giving your loft a new lease of life by having a professional loft conversion undertaken.  No doubt you’ve imagined your new space and how you’re going to utilise it, including right down to the finer details.  Before you move into your space there’s is just the conversion to take place, so what do you have in store, how do you prepare?  Here we are going to answer some points you may need to know and need to have considered before your loft conversion begins.

Do I need to completely empty my loft?

Absolutely! The space will need to be completely clear, including emptying any cupboards in the eves.  This could be a great opportunity to have a sort out!  Although storage elements can be incorporated into your loft conversion, mainly within the eaves, the amount of room you have could be considerably less than before.

Do I need a skip?

It’s likely that you will, as part of your loft conversion project, your Intotheloft team will manage arrangements for a skip.  It is worth noting that it would be advisable to have cleared an area for the skip, this could either be on your driveway or land you own.  If the skip needs to reside on the road, the local council will have to provide permission to do so.

Do I need to clear out any other part of my home?

It is especially important to make sure there is clear access to the hallways/stairs leading to the loft as there will be an increased amount of traffic to this area during your conversion project.

Will water, gas and electricity need to be disconnected?

They certainly do not have to be disconnected for the duration of the conversion.  If at any point we do need to turn off the electricity or water we will inform the homeowners as necessary.

Can I be present in my home whilst the work is ongoing?

Absolutely!  There could be some disruptions in terms of noise and there will be a team of professionals within your home undertaking your loft conversion; however, we always do as much as we can to make the impact upon the rest of your home and yourselves as minimal as possible.

How long will my conversion take?

There are a number of factors which can alter a timeline, including size of conversion, type of conversion and rooms to which the conversion will house and as with all work there is a small risk that complications could arise.  On average a simple velux or dormer conversion housing a bedroom and ensuite takes 12-14 weeks. When we undertake a loft conversion we always provide an expected completion time upon signing of contracts.

Is there anything else to think about?

Think carefully about your project before it starts, having a clear idea of how the space will be utilised including positioning of any heating elements and/or sanitary wear will assist in the smooth running of your loft conversion project.  At Intotheloft we provide a complete design to build service, which means we can offer expert advice and support throughout the whole process. We have undertaken a number of different types of loft conversions, to view our recent project click here to visit our case study page.

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