Loft conversions and party wall agreements

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Ben Wilson | 31/05/19

If you live in a semi-detached, terraced or link detached property and are looking to undertake building work, whether its a renovation, home extension or loft conversion project it is likely you will be required to obtain a party wall agreement.

What is a party wall?

The dividing wall shared by neighbouring properties.  The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a framework for property owners to abide by when undertaking improvements to their property which affect the shared wall.

What kind of work requires notice?

An adjoining neighbour should be notified if any part of the party wall will be affected during building work/renovation or if you are undergoing an excavation, any properties within 3-6 metres will need to be informed. With this in mind, most loft conversions will be affected.  

How a party wall can affect a loft conversion.

The nature of loft conversions almost always involves structural alterations to the party wall.  Party walls are often also involved when the loft conversion requires:

  • Steelwork to support the floor and dormer, these generally run from party wall to party wall. ,
  • Creation of a full-width dormer to the boundary line.
  • Increasing the height of the party walls.
  • It is also worth noting that should the property foundations need to be reviewed as part of your conversion a party wall notice may also be required as digging will need to take place within 3-6 metres of the neighbouring property.

What if my plans change?

In most cases you would not be required to undertake a full party wall notice again, it should be adequate to show your neighbour the revised drawings.

What action should I take?

Once plans have been confirmed for your build/renovation project it is recommended the adjoining property owner is officially informed, this is considered to be serving a party wall notice.  The Party Wall Notice should be issued at least two months in advance of work commencing, failure to provide appropriate time for the notice could delay building work.

A loft conversion can add a fantastic space to your home without losing garden space.  While there are a number of conversion variations it is worth instructing a loft conversion specialist company to advise you on the most appropriate conversion for your property.  It is possible that alterations can be made in some cases which will not require a party wall agreement.

To book a free survey for your loft conversion, contact the Intotheloft team on 01737 317902.  We offer high-quality loft conversions tailored to your requirements, so we can guarantee you’ll get the right conversion for your home.

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