Is my loft too small to be converted?

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Ben Wilson | 7/12/18

The decision has been made and a loft conversion is right for you; however, is your loft right to be converted? Does your loft have a small footprint, or the trusses that form the roof structure could be occupying majority of the space (see our blog on truss rafter roof roofs and loft conversions)?

If this is the case there is still the possibility that your loft space can be converted. Lofts with a minimum head height of 2.1m (from top of existing joists to underside of ridge, which should achieve 2m head height approximately) are usually seen as fit to convert.  Although a truss rafter roof can be seen as an obstacle with the help of an experienced loft conversion company, truss rafters are no obstacle. There are certain ways and means around them which will leave you with a very usable space.

The go ahead has been given and your loft space can be converted, but how do you make the most out of your small loft space?  

Here are some ideas:

  • Make use of any spare angles in a stairwell, on a landing or in the room itself by slotting in a workspace.
  • Place clutter into made to measure storage units that can fit snuggly.
  • Go the opposite way and instead of having small items of furniture go for one large statement piece, creating maximum impact within your loft conversion.
  • Utilise mirrors to bounce light around the room and give the feeling of space.
  • Incorporate a dormer window into your conversion, this new added space could be used in a number of ways.
  • Go floor to ceiling when using the space.
  • Add walls; creating a false wall and a hinged access lid not only provides you with great storage but it could also double up as a shelf.  Try installing this idea behind a bed to create easy access storage and a bedside table in one!
  • Install a shower unit instead of a complete en-suite.  There are many space saving options for bathrooms which with clever installation can provide you with a very usable area.
  • Explore staircase options - there are a number of options and clever designs that can ensure the staircase fits into your loft conversion and doesn’t take it over.  View our recent blog on loft staircase options for more information.

No matter the size of your loft space, a well designed and constructed loft conversion can add multiple benefits to your property.  If you’re looking to undertake a loft conversion within Redhill, Reigate or the surrounding borders give one our team a call on 01737 317902 or go through our contact page, we’d be more than happy to discuss your project with you.

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